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Toorshi PicklesThe Story of Toorshi Foods

On May 31st 1956, after a long journey from Jerusalem, an Armenian immigrant named Vartan Vartanian stepped onto Canadian soil with his wife and one year old daughter.  Although he found Canada was the land of opportunity, he also found it was not the land of sour pickles!  In the country he called home, and quickly grew to love, he found only “sweet” pickles wherever he shopped for groceries.

So Vartan followed in his mother’s footsteps by producing his own pickles.  The first batch, from his kitchen in an apartment building in North York, was about ten jars.  The tradition continued over the years, and the family produced about a hundred jars a year to share with family and friends.

It was  “Love at first Bite” for anybody who tasted Vartan’s “Toorshi”.

In fact, a sales representative for a major pickle manufacturer, was so wowed by the taste that he said, “Make me 100 cases and I’ll sell these for you easily!” As Vartan was a happy and devoted family man with a secure job at the time, he was hesitant to test entrepreneurial waters.  His son now has seized that opportunity.

Today, the savoury taste of Toorshi’s are available in a variety of styles for every pickle lover to enjoy.

Try one and you’ll agree it’s

“Love at first Bite!!”

What is Toorshi? – TOR-SHI .n. {toor-she}

Toorshi-TableSetup12“To0rshi” originally comes from the Persian word “Torsh”, which means “sour”.  In the cuisine of many Balkan and Middle East countries, toorshi, turşu, toursi, turshiya, torshi, “τουρσί” or turšija means pickles.

It is common in Armenian, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Greek, Macedonian, Persian, Serbian, Turkish and Middle Eastern Cuisine.

It is a traditional appetizer, meze for raki, ouzo, tsipouro and rakia.  There are different types of torshi, for example; in Bulgarian cuisine the most popular are “Tsarska turshiya” (King’s pickles) and “Selska turshiya” (country pickles).  Making torshi at home is still a widespread tradition in the autumn months, even in the big cities.

About our Toorshi

For more than fifty years, our family has been making and sharing a variety of home-style pickled products with family and friends, using our special recipe.  We now produce larger quantities in our health-inspected pickling facility, which means these products are available for all to enjoy and savour through specialty food retailers and farmers’ markets.

We produce a line of 13 different pickled food products towards meeting our mission. All of our products are produced and preserved with natural ingredients only.  We don’t use any chemical preservatives or additives, sugars, sweeteners or food colouring.  They’re cut, filled, packaged and labelled all by hand ensuring our high standard of quality.

We produce a wide variety of pickled food products for all to enjoy.  Some are unique, some are savoury and some are hot and savoury.  Our Hot & Savoury products offer a delicious non-overpowering level of heat. It’s basically a “creeper-heat” as we like to call it.  Upon the first taste of one of our hot products, you’ll find that you’ll first enjoy the flavour of what you’re eating and not notice the heat.  As you savour the flavour, it’s then followed by a delicious spicy heat that slowly takes over.

And the fact that we don’t use any sugars or sweeteners makes them a favourite with weight watchers!

It’s only fair to warn you however, that our products are known to be addictive!  Once you try our products chances are you’ll agree that they are indeed love at first bite!